During this event, you will have the opportunity to visit numerous restaurants in downtown Port Chester, New York. 

At your own pace, you may visit all of the restaurants in any order you wish and enjoy a delicious sample of the Chef’s specialties. 
Come discover the fabulous restaurants in Downtown Port Chester  

 Annual Tamarack Tower Foundation        


September, 2012


 1st Prize:

Michael Swiader (Ticket #270)

 2nd Prize:

Morgan Corbetta (Ticket #90)

 3rd Prize:

Ken Manning (Ticket # 106)

 4th Prize:

Linda Pastore (Ticket #276)

 5th Prize:

Frank Santora Table

 6th Prize (Ticket # 7)

 Anthony Napoli



 Annual Tamarack Tower Foundation Raffle

September, 2011


$10,000.00 Winner  Mr. Carl Persson 

$2,000.00 Winner Joint Ticket

(Joan Gargone, Bishop Nowotnik, Ro Barone, Denise Quinn, Margaret Masi, Dawn Baxter, Carolee Brakewood and Paul Brezovsky)

$500.00 winners

Mr. Jerry McMillan 

Kathleen and Gene Carlin 

Bernice Catanese 

Robin Vernay-Light

 1st Annual Tamarack Tower Foundation Raffle

September, 2010


$10,000.00 Winner  Mr. Nick Mecca

$2,000.00 Winner  Ms. Nellie K. Gaughean

$500.00 winners

Ken Munnick

Jersey Shore Group of Port Chester

Frank Forelle

T & J's Villaggios

Turkey Trot 2010 

 JFK Turkey Trot Raises $500 for the Tamarack Tower Foundation

JFK Magnet School students ran and walked around the playground on Tuesday, November 23 in the elementary school's second annual Tiny Turkey Trot, which benefits the Tamarack Tower Foundation.  The foundation raises money to help support the Port Chester School District.  Students brought in a dollar to make them eligible to participate.

 It was a crisp cold day on Thanksgiving Day, 2010 for our Seventh Annual Turkey Trot.  More than 130 runners participated in the 3.5 mile run/1.7 mile walk.  The race was not about winning or losing, it was about bringing the community together and most importantly raising money for the Tamarack Tower Foundation to support the continued excellence of the education provided to the students in the Port Chester Public Schools.

Prizes were awarded in various categories that had nothing to do with speed or order of finish.  The awards were for the youngest competitor, oldest competitor, raising the most money and most family members competing.

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